Eddie Stringer


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      A little bit of an intro to who I am and what I did and do

I started working for myself back in 1980, after completing 12 years in the freight industry.

I've always had the ability to create a business from scratch and first started my self employment creating a crash repair garage. I soon grew the business from a couple of repairs a week to over 30 cars a week and created a state of the art bodyshop in 1990 way ahead of its time. During this time I also had contracts to deliver vehicles around the UK to and from ports. I have had many business ideas and ventures.

I've had windscreen replacement companies, Limousine hire business, Theatre show promotional vehicles, shops and photographic studios. There are not many industries that I have not been involved in during my life and I have a vast experience in most of them. I worked several years within the security industry, Retail, corporate and commercial. I have also carried out book keeping and accounts for most of my working life. 

I have also been a photographer for over 45 years and use those skills inline with most of my businesses.

Most recently I have had a shop selling fine ornamental skulls and collectible figurines (SKULLDUGGERY) as well as printing exclusivly designed t shirts mugs and various personalised gift.

However having reached the grand old age of 67 (2020) Ive decided to retire and take it easy and close my shop and try my best to be very selective with what I now do.

I still have a media ability at home and still produce one off designed items for my regular customers and am really concentrating on my art with cars and skulls.

If you need any product or even advice on ideas and dreams, then by all means contact me and if I can help you I will

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